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Ca tests 9,186,279 Ca cases 574,411 Ca death 10,468 Ca hospital 5.549 (# bed in… https://t.co/ehJ0DhjMaT


2 days ago


@DidBushDo Haven't seen a book in years, https://t.co/hXwX3Y5ps9 should work


2 days ago

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Donald J. Trump

I am ready to send more money to States and Local governments to save jobs for Police, Fire Fighters, First Respond… https://t.co/wuqPqpge2p


16 hours ago

David Plouffe

1) Prime time hearings, now. 2) Subpoenas to Trump WH and camp officials. This is a RICO case 3) Visit local post o… https://t.co/edZqMVqLwt


18 hours ago

Christopher Ingraham

NEW: @jacobbogage got USPS data showing at least 671 USPS mail sorting machines have been removed across the countr… https://t.co/83mRBp6Nbq


13 hours ago

NAROBOT AKO - ARKI® || GITZ! 🍓(◠‿◕)🌿

RT @PARKedfairy: Update regarding the weverse issue: Wala na pong makikitang sb19-related posts sa app. I checked the other groups na rin a…


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RT @Reuters: WATCH: The German town of Paehl has attracted many visitors after a crop circle suddenly appeared in a wheat field in the area…


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