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Tyler McLellan

Interesting to see threat intel reporting based on netflow? and lots of careful language. It’s good to raise this t… https://t.co/WEQ7eUdMqG


1 hour ago

Alex Saunders 🇦🇺👨‍🔬

RT @ki_young_ju: The fact that we broke ATH is similar to 2017 Dec, but many things are different. One example is Exchange Netflow. Massi…


8 hours ago

Matthew S. Wilson

@dtaivpp Is NetFlow input what you need? Yeah, the X-Pack label at the top of the docs tells us this isn't open sou… https://t.co/FA6xfAUKTa


12 hours ago

David Tippett

@_msw_ That’s just it though. I’m trying to use some of the different beats modules but because they are x-pack/non… https://t.co/X9zn1NYCC1


15 hours ago

Ralph Langner

Data flow analysis using Netflow. Best enjoyed on a widescreen monitor. https://t.co/eo4ZLMB- pxN


18 hours ago

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Toni Cantó

El "acuerdo cinco a la semana" se traduce ya en más de 151 etarras acercados por Marlaska al País Vasco. El PSOE n… https://t.co/zgR6ywhI1V


1 day ago

Радио Свобода

Они сидят в офисах в Петербурге, но изображают граждан Украины, США, Франции и других стран. Их главная задача - се… https://t.co/ec7vDKnksC


1 day ago

Selçuk Bayraktar

7000 #DENEYAP öğrencimize hediye edeceğimiz #DENEYAPKART'ım geldi. @T3Vakfi'mızın desteğiyle, RFTEK adlı yerli tek… https://t.co/QTrDRElf9q


11 hours ago


RT @sharonidan: ערב טוב, להלן טיסת חילוץ של לופטהנזה הערב לתל אביב. במטוס 151 נוסעים. בהם שלושה חרדים https://t.co/AudFkWFPcu


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