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@JBDC @alfranken @SenFranken He's putting writings on https://t.co/zcYMgoqrzo from time to time as well, and there… https://t.co/xDpSt23qzA


1 hour ago


Brought tears to my eyes. Thank you, @alfranken, for sharing your Dad. Father’s Day https://t.co/IswQcUWSNI


4 hours ago

Paul Shaffer

I just heard @alfranken's new podcast. Coming from one of the funniest, smartest guys the world has ever known, the… https://t.co/zwrgl6WE0z


1 day ago

Marie Lena

A Conversation with Jeffrey Toobin and Nancy Gertner https://t.co/i65Yo1Qgxz


2 days ago

Citizen EARTH

RT @alfranken: This Memorial Day, as we remember the fallen, I ask that we also commit ourselves to those who are in harm’s way and those w…


2 days ago

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Charlie Kirk

I actually agree with Nancy Pelosi! She recently said Congress does not have "Shared Values" with President Trump… https://t.co/EvnAMP3Nyx


1 day ago

Tom Watson

The core values of the EU are: Internationalism, Solidarity, Freedom. They are British, Labour values. Our future… https://t.co/yWSurLFi0L


1 day ago

Kamala Harris

Mass deportations are cruel and violate our values. As this president rips more families apart, let's remember that… https://t.co/i6fRtFzYlY


6 hours ago

Angela Jung

RT @TGinormous: Seriousness is a disease of the mind... We must be serious enough- to act on what Life is telling us. Life doesn't value…


just now

Aaron Cuddeback

RT @AdiatiAyu: R2D24: 3x pomodoros: ✔️ #javascript course by @traversymedia, still on fundamental part. ✔️ Go couple steps further to #CSS…


just now

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