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Imperio Glacial

nota: louca pro creme do avon renew com microparticulas de ouro chegar, vai dar brilho e luz na pele, sera divino,… https://t.co/FjXys7RRjg


7 minutes ago

Guilherme Zgierski

Quase perdi os movimentos dos dedos lavando a louça. Água estava em -7338836393525°C e já aproveitei e passei uma á… https://t.co/GxcLJDaxsY


1 day ago


@morangoneta Investimentos que valem muito: um bom protetor solar facial, um bom sabonete facial, creme nívea pro d… https://t.co/j9991iXW9Q


1 week ago

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Coulter's Pharmacy

It's easy to renew your prescriptions from home, from the cottage, or even from vacation: ➡️ Online:… https://t.co/XheUpSR6Ff


1 day ago

Steven liang

https://t.co/Nm58WaespB. U.S. official website snapped up, direct mail to your home. Nourish, protect, and r… https://t.co/LruzUFMPKV


1 day ago


Crushed. Lee’s #k1visa interview has been cancelled again with no chance to renew. I’m also undergoing a serious h… https://t.co/fWC3OJ4jlV


1 day ago

Maureen Cooper 🕷

RT @BarryAOLeary: Home Office, you said NHS /care workers won't pay the health surcharge but have not implemented. My care worker/ NHS co…


2 days ago


Oh no 💔 I haven’t met with Dr. Carey in over a year, I got a call from him this morning to check in on me, omg 🥺💔 h… https://t.co/7UXEV2jlj8


4 days ago