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How much do you really know about #Medicare? Take our Medicare IQ test to find out whether you're a #MedicareMaster… https://t.co/1aK3G4gMPC


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Travel 50 & Beyond Magazine is the first travel magazine for people age 50 and over....https://t.co/FvDGld0O- uC https://t.co/2fcL2ggxSy


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Travel 50 & Beyond is the first travel magazine for people age 50 and over....https://t.co/dKj6sbSV- IJ https://t.co/LbwbNg8AIF


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Corinne Rogan

The ultimate retiree travel guide https://t.co/9xVZwf4YWi


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Michael Avenatti

81 days after being forcibly separated from his mother due to the cruel and unusual president, Antony is going home… https://t.co/4eGouo2gg8


1 day ago

Hillary Clinton

One of the most stunning statistics from the 2016 election is that nearly 42% of eligible voters didn't vote. Histo… https://t.co/vgUk3JxNCq


1 day ago

Michael Avenatti

I have been negotiating with the government since my stmts to the press this morning and my last tweet. It now appe… https://t.co/Djdw1WmpZz


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친구야 나 너무 무기력해... 라고 보냈더니 친구가 이마트 시식코너 털러 가쟄ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 아 진짜 천생연분임...


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