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Chuck Woolery

THANK YOU O'REILLY. WHAT A GIFT. It’s Time for Juan Williams to Go https://t.co/19SmcazTPE


1 week ago

Gab: Free Speech Social Network

A must read: “Foreign Collusion? It's Rampant in Big Tech” https://t.co/PhOQ1DsaTw


2 days ago

Kurt Schlichter

Thinking the unthinkable on a Second Civil War https://t.co/khhuEAD99v


4 days ago


RT @Patrici15767099: I would like to apologize for all the negative post I posted about AG Jeff Sessions because of my own impatience. Thi…


1 minute ago

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Count Mo of 🇳🇬

@ThomasSowell @benshapiro He's 86 and still spitting out books. As sharp as ever, greatest American thinker the pas… https://t.co/CVhrWNtEXG


2 hours ago

Jan Kovac

Sessions makes his move - article from American Thinker https://t.co/NnD7pDXsI5


2 hours ago

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