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Andrew Malcolm

Interesting view: Understanding Why the Deep State Had to Take Down General Michael Flynn @AmericanThinker https://t.co/5eSPTSOpAa


16 hours ago

Steve Forbes

Wondering why Americans are running from blue states? https://t.co/rAMCVeiF8Y


21 hours ago

Nick Short

Maybe Adam Schiff should investigate his donors before he goes after Trump? https://t.co/AH1kByWenP


1 week ago

Randall Haislip

It's difficult this Moron gave Cruz such a hard run. Beto bombs bigly in long interview with the Washington Post… https://t.co/ga7VxTqaj2


just now

Deplorable Mitch

@BoSnerdley Is @potus several moves ahead of #Democrats ? https://t.co/SZLPbEZVrB


just now

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Michael Carpenter

Ochsenreiter and his Polish accomplices share a common hero in Alexander Dugin, Putin’s court philosopher and bff t… https://t.co/slyPyiKExE


1 day ago

Kurt Andersen

Thanks extremely, Jeff Goldblum. <<Current favourite book? Fantasyland by Kurt Andersen. It’s a very stimulating,… https://t.co/lSu5nLpmz2


4 days ago

⭐⭐⭐ Statesperson ن 🇺🇸

American Thinker: CIS sues SDPLC demanding they stop referring to them as a 'hate group' https://t.co/waAtAiAsye


just now

Rick D

RT @Dagon57R: America loves Donald Trump because he's a thinker he will get reelected because the American people love him again and again…


1 minute ago

John Lichtenberger

Today's Democrats: Anti-Christian, Anti-Israel, Anti-God | American Thinker https://t.co/m47sKXspeQ #Christian #Israel


7 minutes ago

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