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Jack Canfield

As the world gets more complicated, it's important to take time to both appreciate those who support you, as well a… https://t.co/D4F94zNwz0


23 hours ago

James Martin, SJ

Here is one of my favorite of his articles, on Servant of God Dorothy Day. George, who led an exceedingly simple l… https://t.co/TK9LiJtpDQ


11 hours ago

Redi Tlhabi

Conflict of interest, advantage through proximity are really not complicated concepts to grasp. To simplify it: Fam… https://t.co/g1yEVWO0z9


6 days ago


@heawood @lecrin You're supposes to play your part as a member of civil society and isolate. Simple. If you don't t… https://t.co/jxTZ5b791f


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Jennifer Goodrich

RT @imagingchannel: There's still time to register for "Disaster-Proofing Your Dealership: Making IT Simple." All attendees get CompTIA mem…


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Abir Ghattas

My brother sent me this, we live 10 KM away from the explosion site and the glass of our bldgs got shattered.… https://t.co/BfxlESeZzV


21 hours ago

Andre Gray

Its simple, people cant fathom a black man breaking all records and becoming the best driver ever in the F1🤷🏽‍♂️ https://t.co/gVxbNJpHfR


1 day ago

Justin Trudeau

Absolutely tragic news coming out of Beirut. Canadians are thinking of everyone who has been injured and all those… https://t.co/GsqTTa6z2C


17 hours ago


RT @ConflictsW: Before and after of the explosion site in Beirut #Lebanon #Beirut https://t.co/O19hHunYpl


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