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Cotton On

@Emsyanna Hey Emma, you can view our AFL range on our website here : https://t.co/0THJVrCLky ☺


1 day ago

Mara Mercado

Does the Typo here carry this???? https://t.co/VEjtWRdaZo


4 days ago

Sarah Dean🌱

Proud Auntie moment! My gorgeous nephews are on the @cottononkids home page, advertising their adorable hooded towe… https://t.co/3PsMWz4dFo


1 week ago

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Ron Wyden

CHIP expired 111 days ago – you didn’t seem to mind until these kids became a useful political hostage. https://t.co/BO27VeVXCl


1 day ago

Joy Reid

I love that @SenateMajLdr is pretending to care about CHIP kids. Dude, YOU LET CHIP EXPIRE NEARLY 120 DAYS AGO and… https://t.co/HB3tBVGBqB


13 hours ago

Joy Reid

Who's writing the Democrats' talking points? The problem isn't "kicking the can down the road." It's the fact that… https://t.co/NZEtBSGMsV


1 day ago

scott quaile

@scarlettashley1 posing like Venus' kids


just now


RT @bjtisn: Why do parents teach their kids to say mommy and daddy, like wouldnt it be easier for them to just say mom and dad MIC DROP #I…


just now

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