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K. Lee, PhD

Dan really had all the come ups in Gossip Girl... ultimate insider was so true.


6 days ago

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Jon Passantino

.@Zac_Petkanas says on Fox News a 10-year-old girl with Down Syndrome was separated from her mother at the border.… https://t.co/5dByJlDhdO


20 hours ago

J.D. Durkin

you sitting down? here’s Corey Lewandowski mockingly saying “womp womp” to the story of a 10-year-old girl with Do… https://t.co/c4nLYEPc7L


20 hours ago

Tony Posnanski

A tale of two parties... Rachel Maddow breaks down while reporting about children being taken from their parents..… https://t.co/mz6Ve6DoFD


17 hours ago

ℓ loves sejong. ~ shoot me: youth

RT @ysjholic: #리더스코스메틱 #리더스코스메틱옴므 #양세종 tv홈쇼핑 컷 01 https://t.co/GGQ6ivQKoo


just now


RT @Mr200m_: It’s mad that your role in your girl or mans life could only be to prepare them to be the best person for somebody else


just now