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B L O N D I E⚡️

Gossip Girl called Dan Humphrey “the ultimate insider” at graduation and that ain’t tip y’all off 🥴


3 days ago

Evening Standard Insider

Looks like Sebastian Stan is a Gossip Girl stan after all https://t.co/hsV2KNiSwz


4 days ago

Jenica Badaluta

@Ralucashu @WTA_insider @BenRothenberg U give that'🎾gossip girl & drama queen' too much credit calling him analyst😉… https://t.co/dTuZPTPJz6


4 days ago

Jenica Badaluta

@blue_me3 @Cinetti @Ralucashu @WTA_insider @BenRothenberg 3/3 Belongs 2🎾tabloid. Loves gossip & controversies/🎾 "go… https://t.co/7KiEDd6hlT


5 days ago


RT @StandardInsider: Sebastian Stan celebrated the 13th anniversary of #GossipGirl, complete with a hefty glass of wine and love for Chace…


5 days ago

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Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl

@Moviesgamesbey1 @TheCinemaTicket I don't know her from much other than this show and Gossip Girl. She kind of remi… https://t.co/dJhv1Yx5lV


1 day ago