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Podcast Notes

@drchatterjeeuk with @drmarkhyman https://t.co/vOO- iPDAXsz


5 hours ago

Elizabeth Westaway

RT @BionutrientFood: Great interview from @kissthegroundCA Resiliency: From the farm to the community, to ourselves https://t.co/pAsOcnR2…


9 hours ago

Luke | Trauma Coach

If you're like I was it's taken you half the day to read this far Remember, food is fuel If you're fueling with j… https://t.co/xlOxMkIUbx


16 hours ago

Ryu Saem

RT @podcastnotes: “It helps you feel good because you’re reflecting on the positives” – @drchatterjeeuk https://t.co/vOOiPDAXsz


20 hours ago


@theheadlesshor3 Look up functional medicine. Go get the blood work done… They will help you with the diet and supp… https://t.co/5kdOTLZ4Iu


1 day ago

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