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Omar Ghraieb🇵🇸

To those who tell us to "stay safe": I truly appreciate your support but: 1- #Gaza has no shelters. 2- I'm staying… https://t.co/2P6k9TDkw5


20 hours ago

Major Gaurav Arya (Retd)

Hello Chinook, you are much more than a “tandem rotor, heavy lift, multi-role” helicopter. For the infantryman figh… https://t.co/Y6VIU423jF


1 day ago

angel 👼🏻

RT @sbsmtvtheshow: 오늘 #더쇼 퇴근길 라이브는 7:40 PM 부터 진행됩니다😆 잼있고 씐나는 #퇵길아웃 으로 퇴근길을 쳌체크 할테니! 안심심한 귀가길 기대해주세용~😘 #더쇼 #THESHOW https://t.co/TRXOfy1oeU


just now


RT @victorialoopz: when u make him mad n he start driving home like dis 🥴 https://t.co/DOsh5zvRhg


just now

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