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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Dow, a chemical company, gave $1 million to Trump‘s inauguration. Now one of their chemicals, which is known to ca… https://t.co/w35E43D4Uq


1 day ago

Mike Levin

ICYMI: Trump’s corrupt and conflicted Environmental Protection Agency won’t ban a chemical known to cause neurologi… https://t.co/CbviLWjlB7


1 day ago

Jackson Wang

FENDI ✖️ TEAMWANG Jackson Wang ________________ Collabo- ration launched, First ever velvet collection FENDI hope y’a… https://t.co/ebux4owu1X


12 hours ago

OMG Wikipedia!

Chrystal Water and Power Company-Spencer Water and Ice Company, also known as Spencer Ice Plant, is a retired American artistic gymnast.


just now


RT @adricarraART: My girl Zelda!! I love her Smash design ✨ I started this back in November, and finally found the will to finish it 🙏 #Sup…


just now

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