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Elizabeth Warren

Kodak (yes, the film company) got a big government contract to make generic COVID-19 drugs. Surprise: @Kodak’s trad… https://t.co/zEQTQcxTH1


1 day ago

Scott Dworkin

BREAKING: Manhattan's District Attorney is investigating Trump and his company over bank and insurance fraud, filing suggests.


1 day ago

Anshul Saxena

Chinese company VIVO has pulled out as the title sponsor of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2020.


1 day ago


RT @the__prototype: Y’all... Beyoncé really has her own movie w/ Disney. That she wrote, directed, starred in and produced. Produced by her…


just now

// shutahub //

RT @rockateez: do yall ever think about yeosang and wooyoung crying together and hugging each other when they got their first win? they wan…


just now

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