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John Cardillo

Joe Biden’s brother James, who had zero construction experience, was named EVP of a construction company that then… https://t.co/ia2DTXGHPt


1 day ago

Mindy Robinson 🇺🇸

Biden as VP transferred $140 million dollars from the Federal Treasury to the Cayman Islands in an account owned by… https://t.co/7x8SLtPkDf


1 day ago

Tarek Fatah

Bollywood ‘history buff’ #SaifAliKhan claims “there was no concept of ‘India’ until the British came.” Yeah right… https://t.co/dEu5cEMu59


1 day ago


RT @Kirin_Company: / 〆切は本日24:00! \ #iMUSEを体調管理にプ- ラス 毎日の体調管理に! #プラズマ乳酸菌 シリーズ キリン #iMUSE と一緒に 冬の体調管理をしよう! @Kirin_Comp- anyを フォローしてからRTすると 抽選で…


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