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New York Yankees

Warning: graphic content below. Try to be considerate of those around you before commencing any loud screaming. https://t.co/alALcz2YCK


1 day ago


★第二部TV CM★ 本日深夜から3/31までの間、全国で第二部TV CMを展開いたします!これを記念し【2/20 00:00~4/1 23:59】の期間中、ゲームにログインするとダイヤ50個を- プレゼント♪ぜひ第二部をお楽しみくだ… https://t.co/5u1iMXjOOl


1 day ago

Kyle Griffin

Don Jr. is visiting India to promote family real estate projects. He’s also planning to deliver a foreign policy s… https://t.co/bBUVK5rh63


1 day ago

Julie Macfarlane

@alpharooms is the worst company I’ve had the displeasure in dealing with in a very long time. Trying to get refund… https://t.co/TgR7nDm3jy


just now

Todd Phillips Exec. MBA

RT @genehayward: A must see graphic. https://t.co/VFciSSMsF9


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