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The Associated Press

BREAKING: Israel approves 2,500 West Bank settlement homes, signaling new approach under Trump.


11 hours ago

HuffPost BlackVoices

A history of black cowboys and the myth that the west was white https://t.co/C2bqpWxU5c https://t.co/RFRysL2MAI


1 day ago

Daniel Swain

A reminder: virtually all we know about Earth’s atmosphere & oceans comes from sustained decades of government-fund… https://t.co/kgM6rgJSpN


19 hours ago

い と き ち

体だるすぎてもうしんどくてまたやっていけないからとりあえず- WESTの画像検索して笑顔で乗り切ろうと思う無理


19 seconds ago

Melanie Bryson

RT @NASASeaLevel: Many wetlands on the U.S. West Coast could be inundated by sea-level rise in the decades ahead. #sealevelrise https://t.c…


20 seconds ago

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The Academy

Congrats to our Leading Actor nominees! #Oscars #OscarNoms https://t.co/CV3WydKBAe


12 hours ago

The Academy

Congrats to our Leading Actress nominees! #Oscars #OscarNoms https://t.co/xqacBlntQb


11 hours ago

George Takei

Trump is coming for net neutrality. He wants his buddies in big cable and telecom to put the screws to content. This affects us all.


3 hours ago

Jesus Mieryteran

RT @CaraotaDigital: Por “mayoría” Parlamento Italiano aprobó moción para liberar a presos políticos https://t.co/pcaLRs35zC https://t.co/Be…


17 seconds ago

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