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AION Ideas

#AION needs to add a PVE/PVP flagging system to the game or turn the Fast-Track Server into a fully functional PVE… https://t.co/f20ie0CcnS


10 hours ago

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Ted Lieu

Just when you thought @NRA could not be more out of touch with the overwhelming majority of Americans, it turns out… https://t.co/gBBrg9Kn4N


1 day ago

Matthew Yglesias

Why does the NRA have a position on net neutrality regulations? https://t.co/dIsmvM34Ve


1 day ago

Stephanie Ruhle

While Ivanka is leading the Olympic Closing Ceremony, Bob Mueller may be leading Jared’s


1 day ago

Peppe D. Rufy

Ci sono brutti giornalisti che hanno detto La Rosa del Napoli è completa .. 8 al mercato del Napoli ..ounas... https://t.co/2xHh1r2IeL


just now


妖怪メダル「きらめ鬼」必殺技 妖怪ウォッチ 零式対応 QR https://t.co/BMDnvKOej0 https://t.co/xi9NETZUMP


just now

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