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Omar Shakir

You also opposed land theft, displacement & institutional discrimination, but not so consistently. When pressured,… https://t.co/66h7wqcYVS


12 hours ago

Amit Serper

9 months of detective work, RE, threat Intel dumpster diving, report writing, and a ton of YARA. The technical blog… https://t.co/CDQuemDxaV


7 hours ago

Gary O'Donoghue

When will @HeathrowAirport — and indeed airlines like @British_Airways — arrive in the 21st century in their treatm… https://t.co/crAxEQy5Tl


1 day ago

The Chad

@Itsashortstory @2Brangen @KaleaTCQ @Nerdrotics @DDayCobra @TheWorldClassBS That depends on why it made that billio… https://t.co/TsrMZY4Caa


just now


@BandaiNamcoUS Jump Force with worse graphics no thanks, that game was a dumpster fire.


just now