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Ed Williams

Summer memories are just that. Here comes #winter ❄️ #winterweather #picnicspast #picnic #picnictable… https://t.co/kc8Fvvy2eK


4 hours ago

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Kanchan Gupta

Look at it this way. Any Govt that pushes ahead with defence procurement, planes or guns, will meet resistance from… https://t.co/ToXcUnDULA


22 hours ago

Ravi Shankar Prasad

CSC VLE Ankush Gupta from Uttar Pradesh is providing PAN, Banking, PMGDISHA and many other services to the people i… https://t.co/bRWy8nfFtT


9 hours ago

Anthony FanTHANOS

If you steal ideas from a trash rapper, is that dumpster diving?


1 day ago


I spent $10 on a ethernet cable because my wifi card is dying. I spent an hour snaking it through the kitchen and… https://t.co/q0PpVeiCMG


just now


Just hate how it’s cold af and kinda snowy now. Makes it harder to decide my outfits cause I wanna be warm outside… https://t.co/olMTmFpjZI


just now