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Harvard Kennedy School

“Leadership is about building the capacity of people to work out their problems in their own midst. It's not just a… https://t.co/kDkVFZLEGM


2 days ago


Some of the fiercest critics of #birthtourism are #Chinese immigrants in #RichmondBC, says @csmonitor. “Why would t… https://t.co/8p4RiJOovc


5 days ago

Celeste Kennel-Shank

Grateful to @ryanlenorabrown for helping me continue to learn about Ethiopia, where I studied and worked for severa… https://t.co/T8CtBTDCRr


1 minute ago

Audie Klotz

RT @ryanlenorabrown: @cjane87 Yep. Grim. Though unfortunately a lot of Chagossians don't really see the Mauritians as being on their side e…


5 minutes ago

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Abhijit Iyer-Mitra

When is someone going to call this what it is? CHRISTIAN TERRORISM. The NSCN’s slogan is “Nagaland for Christ” & ha… https://t.co/pZRw8qOrAn


1 day ago

The Philippine Star

WATCH: This dog broke the hearts of netizens after he was seen standing by the door of a room in Mabalacat City Col… https://t.co/Fy6mvm56Lp


1 day ago

Anshul Saxena

NSCN (IM) kills Arunachal MLA & 11 others after ambushing convoy in Arunachal Pradesh. So, What is NSCN? 1) Chris… https://t.co/lzv1JhAUhm


3 hours ago

Christian LEMA

RT @EuropaCity: [#EuropaCityCompétences] A @Villierslebel, Rose de l’association #Creative accueille Thérèse à la recherche de 3 formations…


just now


Amid protests, Lebanon’s Cabinet faces difficult choices on public sector austerity https://t.co/wbDXpgmJ6z


just now

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