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CS Monitor

Former President Obama and ex-NFL player Martellus Bennett are among those who want to lift stereotypes and limits… https://t.co/Qy2Pslof40


3 hours ago

Mia Farrow

People in NE Nigeria suffered tremendously at the hands of BokoHaram: witnessed family slaughtered, cattle stolen,… https://t.co/XDwFd1KiuX


4 days ago

CS Monitor

Two years ago, a group of compassionate Bostonians hailing from all faiths and no faith formed a silent human chain… https://t.co/YiQuBBiVnS


3 minutes ago

Clayton Jones

Helping minority youths dream beyond sports https://t.co/F2nthzoCQm via @csmonitor


12 minutes ago

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Robert Reich

Trump and Republicans keep saying we can't afford universal child care, Medicare for All, Green New Deal. Here's ho… https://t.co/0u5ikaCknG


22 hours ago

Tom Steyer

We've had a president in office for two years who has packed his administration with climate science deniers, but t… https://t.co/RNn5IfQvWa


23 hours ago


You can be a Christian and not agree with what the Bible says. The Bible was written by man, ‘inspired’ by God. And… https://t.co/AbVAiRwprv


just now

Christena Twillie

RT @AnthonyDColon: #christian #bibleverse #biblejournaling #jesus #god #love @ Fort Lauderdale, Florida https://t.co/Gk0Rz33Da1


just now

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