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Donald J. Trump

In Arizona, it turns out that 3% of the votes cast in the 100 count vote sampling were tainted or worse. This would… https://t.co/fzomj3tmn0


1 day ago

Elizabeth Warren

Canceling student loan debt would put money back in people’s pockets. That’s money they can spend to support local… https://t.co/HHd1g39HHk


13 hours ago

lukas luvs ej

its almost like a section of the community sees slurs as a shiny badge of honour.. which is so strange to me & i ha… https://t.co/LJhdqzmD3a


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Marine Le Pen

Condoléances aux proches de Valéry Giscard d’Estaing. Président d’une France en crise, il fut l’artisan de nouvel… https://t.co/kAYP3bZHiL


1 day ago

Asad Umar

Ishaq dar claimed in hardtalk that every survey showed before the election that pml n will win the 2018 elections .… https://t.co/Q2fqqbz6ij


1 day ago


@marukodayo___n ご飯に関してはいい写真撮れる自身があるよ❤w


just now

Liany Yunita Gunawan

RT @Teume1311: MC and senior idols Eun-kwang and Dara welcomed the members of Treasure by making ‘Mom Smile’. When YG's idol group appeared…


just now

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