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august had an epic transgender moment

RT @KathmanHenry: A little bit late, but I have made another video about @HopeforHaitiFL for the 2019 #ProjectForAwesome. https://t.co/Or8…


4 days ago

Henry "Empathy is a Rad Thing" Kathman

A little bit late, but I have made another video about @HopeforHaitiFL for the 2019 #ProjectForAwesome.… https://t.co/0hVVY8auC1


4 days ago

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Puppies aren’t separated from their moms until ~8 weeks. Less than that is thought of as harmful or abusive. One o… https://t.co/KJVp2PiGWE


1 day ago


💜💜💜💜Your HOPE💜💜💜💜 https://t.co/MbDxoTVvv5


57 minutes ago

Amit Shah

As the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019 passes in the Parliament, the dreams of crores of deprived & victimised peop… https://t.co/Fk176CDEaP


17 hours ago

Noctámbulo 🌙

RT @elonmusk: If life is a video game, the graphics are great, but the plot is confusing & the tutorial is way too long


just now


@wattshunterly It's people protecting themselves or others.


just now

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