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Tarek Fatah

It now emerges, doctor who documented the Syria 'chemical attack' had previously been held on terror offences in UK. https://t.co/jHVrjFA6P5


7 hours ago

Rita Panahi

Incredible that media uncritically accepted BS from extremists including this guy. #Syria https://t.co/OywlN2d0go


9 hours ago

John Crowley

Either the BBC pays market rates for top talent, or it underpays women. Which one is it, lefties? https://t.co/ehBWksJJRY by @DanielJHannan


2 hours ago

JT Terwilliger

RT @KHonkonen: #Geoengineering: How scientists could zap clouds with aerosols to cool the Earth down - https://t.co/QFJ2QRPuwB


13 seconds ago

UK Industry News

RT @IBTimesUKBiz: UK households' financial situation deteriorates at fastest rate in three years https://t.co/2RlKyEVl9N #households #incom…


1 minute ago

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Donald J. Trump

Drain the Swamp should be changed to Drain the Sewer - it's actually much worse than anyone ever thought, and it begins with the Fake News!


8 hours ago


【見事回復】インド人男性、ギター弾きながら脳手術受ける h- ttps://t.co/wp0LFqdov3 神経を破壊- する脳内の部位を特定するのに役立ったという。「自分の指の動- きが魔法のように良くなっていくのは驚きだった」と語った。 https://t.co/CcsPw98GGd


16 hours ago

Seth Abramson

I'll summarize the BREAKING NEWS from THE GUARDIAN: Natalia Veselnitskaya is Kushner's business partner's lawyer and he DEFINITELY knew her.


1 hour ago

Giovanni V Patti

London 2017 Assunta Madre London #me #fish #assuntamadrelondon #relax #business #dinner #friends… https://t.co/zsQgQawLFl


11 seconds ago

Sir Themba™

@Ntsika_ Bane model ebizwa i edge ne explorer ngapha...zintle, qha le business ka vutha 🔥


11 seconds ago

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