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Glenn Greenwald

WikiLeaks releases files showing how Russia's private surveillance contractors work w/Kremlin to circumvent the law https://t.co/v1OZMVDead


1 day ago

Daniel Hannan

What "referendum lies"? The £4,000 tax hike, Scotland leaving the UK, the jungle camp in Kent, mass unemployment? https://t.co/rXPkmOiWv4


1 day ago

Eric Schiffer

"If things don't get ugly in the courts then there's no no death rattle, & t/ Kevin Hart brand won't burn to ashes." https://t.co/rDwEqE96GP


1 day ago

#UKBiz 🇬🇧

115 ‘couch potato’ Lords who did not debate last year claim £1.2m in taxpayers’ cash https://t.co/kCt8GeO6Cd #UK #UKBiz


2 seconds ago

Olivia E Whiteside

RT @UPMCPhysicianEd: This AI-powered algorithm can figure out how much pain you are in by just looking at your face: https://t.co/3xn5xSqoSj


10 minutes ago

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9ja Wizard 🐭😈

Latest Breaking News | Business, Technology, Political & Sport News | IBTimes UK | IBT https://t.co/5VXWo0Rfcu


6 days ago

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