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Kenton Sargeant

@MichaelMaus6 @itsafrogslife @AnneJackson18 @guerrillacrypto @PanzerGren @DanKaszeta @KTHopkins… https://t.co/rBGEKt0rzF


2 hours ago


@katiewr31413491 You're right, but the same level of abuse is going on in juvenile&detention centers, foster homes,… https://t.co/SgtI7K9LLk


2 hours ago

Stephen Hoffman

A reminder from a few years back in an article by @J_Bloodworth of Corbyn's blind spot for tyrants like Gaddaffi an… https://t.co/mdDJdx2FSe


2 hours ago

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Jacob Soboroff

BREAKING: Trump administration releases latest numbers on migrant kids it separated from parents. This is most det… https://t.co/MMXiGRlIA0


1 day ago

Seth Abramson

It borders on scandalous how the media treats what Trump did to Brennan—and now implies he'll shortly do to others—… https://t.co/XEgnQMJxSB


9 hours ago

The Associated Press

BREAKING: Google clarifies to users it still tracks their location even after they turn off location history, following AP report.


1 day ago


RT @sofiaaanicoleee: Rt if my Grampa should start his own business! Omg look at how sweaty he is my abuelito works harddddd https://t.co/8V…


4 seconds ago

Nairobys Guevara4F

RT @teleSURtv: 📹Nuevo salario mínimo en #Venezuela será de medio Petro, equivalentes a 1.800 Bolívares Soberanos https://t.co/3x0CpZ7U4s #…


4 seconds ago

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