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Hebert Salas

La carrera en Brasil empezó con todo con todos los autos presionando, luego parecía que sería la carrera típica con… https://t.co/RNIdNXcswm


1 hour ago

Danny Meijer

@wtf1official Do you think it's fair that backmarkers may unlap themselves during a safety-car? It seems sort of st… https://t.co/eh6v337laQ


14 hours ago

Paul Leonard 🐝

When the Safety-Car was deployed after #Bottas’s engine failure “WHY DIDN’T LEWIS PIT WITH THE SAME TIME AS MAX?”… https://t.co/8GXlSgCtSZ


1 day ago


I hate to say it, but Max absolutely schooled Lewis on safety-car restarts today.


1 day ago

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