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christine teigen

just finished mario odyssey. what do i do now? go back and find all the moons? discover secret caves? beat my old t… https://t.co/eHvm6nLU7Q


1 day ago


Thankful for this brother right here. Met with @Kaepernick7 the other day. I’m inspired by what he’s doing for our… https://t.co/jY6pR0MUYu


7 hours ago

Joel Osteen

Focus on the good; be grateful for what you have. Life will be so much more rewarding if you’re content in every season.


22 hours ago

Younger Z

RT @that_groyper: I wish there was some comprehensive way to count the number of times the Left has announced that Trump is "finished". htt…


3 seconds ago

Jim Yager

RT @BlueAlertUs: UPDATE: Massive manhunt underway following shooting death of Trooper on I-45 https://t.co/cjgImAgQIS


3 seconds ago

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