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Philip DeFranco

Let's beat Buzzfeed! Retweet this 10,000 times and I'll make this my profile picture. #DeFrancoShowForStreamys https://t.co/vpbQpqIWIx


23 hours ago

Joel Pimentel

I don't know what's going on with the world but we got to be ready at all times. An earthquake just hit Japan😥 Japan, please stay safe 🙏🇯🇵❤️


6 hours ago

Bobby Tarantino

Watch me on @TheEllenShow today! Woah can't believe I just tweeted that! IM SO EXCITED!!!!!


7 hours ago


Gansitos are the mexican twinkies but are only like 100000 times better.


just now

Susan Bordo

@msrachelwolf @JoyAnnReid @nytimes Thanks Rachel. Sure do wish someone would listen 2 readers of this book! MSM has… https://t.co/wS5hD3VLai


just now

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