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Sean Hannity

WATCH: “He’s on every TV show 50 times a day for the last two years promising Americans that this President would e… https://t.co/DLeXYZi72R


1 day ago

Brent Bozell

CNN put Michael Avenatti on the air SEVENTY-FOUR TIMES over a two-month period to savage Donald Trump. Trump has b… https://t.co/t40yNfaCP1


1 day ago


¿Se acuerdan cuando criticábamos al presidente y todo eran risas y memes y nadie estaba traicionado a la patria? Good times.


1 day ago

☂️ ⟠ 💙Stephi Leazer🖤 ⟠ ☂️

@underscorebrie rt’s 8 billion times 😂 but honestly if I could I would


just now


Selección de Ciclismo de Montaña lista para el Panamericano en Aguas Calientes en México. https://t.co/2oxsPsjwb2 https://t.co/nc5gXXfiaV


just now

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