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Donald J. Trump

The story in the New York Times concerning North Korea developing missile bases is inaccurate. We fully know about… https://t.co/DleVG3zI5H


1 day ago

Charlie Kirk

Socialism has been tried over 100 times, resulting in over 150 MILLION deaths, all over the world. It’s not that S… https://t.co/syD2Kjj5dY


3 hours ago

Alexis Isabel

Lol so my class, composed of primarily *white women* told on me to the DIRECTOR of my program at my university beca… https://t.co/MD0LWfcZFS


1 day ago


RT @fyeahnix: I know this is a long shot but this is why artists need a social media presence and portfolio. People can and DO get jobs for…


just now

Mildred Gordon

RT @missjillscott: Good morning Love Village & welcome newbies. I don’t know who tweeted that snippet but they didn’t capture the point. Th…


just now

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