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Jennifer, Interrupted

Remember: good #DentalHealth is vital for good physical #Health


12 minutes ago

Jennifer, Interrupted

If you can, get your old, metal fillings *fully* removed asap, replaced by white fillings before the old metal fill… https://t.co/dKdaosAPfl


15 minutes ago


Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth. #almost67 #over50 #health #dentalhealth #smile #happy https://t.co/58wW5swUI3


50 minutes ago

Pat Feldman

The latest Crianças na Cozinha viu por aí!! https://t.co/1RVAwFhxV3 Thanks to @kitchenstew #recipe #dentalhealth


1 hour ago

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Barack Obama

41: I like the competition. And the loyalty to the home team. - 44 https://t.co/XG3ChMtW0M


1 day ago

dave lackie

I'm really impressed with the quality of Armani Beauty so I'm giving away Luminous Silk Foundation shade 3 + Lip Ma… https://t.co/xJqmoepfBr


17 hours ago

Randy Bryce

Today we released our Environmental Plan, to fund a new Green Deal, fight climate change, and end fossil fuel subsi… https://t.co/vLmjHh4O2z


1 day ago

Iain Stewart

RT @AndrewScheer: Justin Trudeau's Liberals are giving a free pass to foreign oil while punishing our resource sector here at home. This is…


just now


RT @stevedeangelo: Yes it’s true: I am supporting Dana Rohrabacher & opposing Feinstein. And I will PROUDLY keep supporting pro-cannabis ca…


just now

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