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Emily Brandwin

Donna Karan says exhaustion caused her to victim blame Scaramucci blames a rogue employee for antisemitic material… https://t.co/fYLc8ExWT8


2 days ago

Remedy Basquiat

RT @Skoolie300: Dudes who try to dog “SoundCloud rappers” bc they have their own websites are so lame... get over yourself. Nobody visiting…


44 seconds ago


Stop Deadly Dog Experiments! - The Animal Rescue Site https://t.co/j5NfAqv1JX via @po_st


5 minutes ago

dogcatcherish 相互フォロー

鶏肉と根菜類のサラダ https://t.co/XEq1W8RVGg https://t.co/gNaFgQAoNR


8 minutes ago

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Far North Dallas TP

Several updates to our web site tonight - home page, meetings, upcoming events. https://t.co/EV9GflMYA7


4 hours ago