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Joni Ernst

Actually @AOC, eliminating the Electoral College would silence our voices here in Iowa and in many other states acr… https://t.co/8Pbk7PlrGv


1 day ago

CBS Evening News

Explorers on the first manned voyage to see the Titanic's wreckage in ~15 years were astonished by its rapid decay,… https://t.co/5oo6pjcqlS


1 day ago

Marques Brownlee

Alright, it’s official - Android’s new brand identity: New logo, new color palette, new design… no more dessert nam… https://t.co/YLpbG2MHBB


10 hours ago

natalia batata palha

a namo do meu irmao é mt linda meu irmão e mt gato eles sao mt lindos casal bonito do caralho


just now

Kelley Avery

RT @sandibachom: 15) Letter, 'the reason to subpoena inlaws and children, the drug lords put their companies in the names of their children…


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