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Donald J. Trump

Rick Scott is known as easily one of the best Governors in the USA. Florida is setting records in almost every cate… https://t.co/lSi7GOw8tD


10 hours ago

Bill Kristol

The rhetorical extremism, the winking at violence, the reveling in vulgarity, and the embrace of amoralism are not… https://t.co/VW7qdAFGzM


12 hours ago

Stacey Abrams

If success is suppressing eligible voters, leaking our Social Security numbers, and pointing a shotgun at a child o… https://t.co/UnLZ2eGdoD


10 hours ago

Mr Dan❌

RT @JohnTrumpFanKJV: Lord, Please prevent the DemocRats from turning America into Venezuela. Help the Republicans to keep the House and inc…


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RT @billionaire_key: What accelerates success: 1) constant learning 2) focus on your strengths 3) be grateful.


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