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Dear @TwitterIndia Are you guys brainless or you do this on purpose. This tweet is contempt of Supreme Court. A d… https://t.co/lGul4UfBvh


9 hours ago

Parker Molloy

That's the 2nd time in less than a week that he's done something just flagrantly against Twitter's rules. It's almo… https://t.co/biGaTZkX3c


16 hours ago

Graeme Wood

I limit my interaction with anonymous twitter accounts (and urge others to do likewise) because of cases like this.… https://t.co/EqgVSI7nSV


1 day ago

Ω ¦ 正廷

RT @kalelcore: my account @fagsncoke (kalel) got suspended pls rt n help me find my moots https://t.co/wadCmLW7Il


just now

Agent Blue

@Beeee51 Oh I've been here for over a year this is my 4th account 😁 i keep getting suspended 😁


just now