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Kapil Mishra

Dear @Twitter, why you have suspended account of @Shekhar_Chahal_ without any reason? Kindly restore it.… https://t.co/O9YAqCPcpG


9 hours ago

Kevin ❄️Snow’Keeffe ❄️

the best art of 2019 was this tweet and I remain heartbroken that the account that tweeted it was suspended https://t.co/LTOp9kBzNW


1 day ago

David Weissman

Guys, it's very rare that I ask people this But the account who blocked my friend @Kaci_mom_to_Ty and has blocked m… https://t.co/i507ScdASE


15 hours ago


【#脱獄端末】8 #ツムツムファイル ・実績は数千件以上。- ・簡単に業者になれます ・igg,Slicesなど導入可- 能 ・お小遣い稼ぎに最適 ・親ばれしないようにも可能 詐- 欺の心配があればフリマなど可能 #ツムツムチート… https://t.co/MZgcDiM2hL


just now


RT @Dlear_V5: Alright fs fs this is the account I’m now gonna have, please rt and follow me no more getting suspended trust 😂


just now