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Bretman Rock 🐢

Some pics of me staying home.... https://t.co/EtDnyAg1jz


18 hours ago

Dana Loesch

This is beyond incorrect. Yes they are (maybe you don’t have a feral hog or coyote problem - we do where I live & m… https://t.co/ug9mSWJBIc


1 day ago

Bernie Sanders

Raw sewage drains into Pamela Rush's backyard. Her children are exposed to mold. She still owes $15,000 on her mobi… https://t.co/gvLejk8fXL


8 hours ago

Passagio Posterchild

RT @herb_beauty: Why am I so bad at budgeting my normal life. When I travel I save sooo much money and when I’m home I forget how to act🙃


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