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Mark Lowcock

The humanitarian system is effective at saving lives and reducing suffering. But we must do better for women & gi… https://t.co/VlshTOgixn


4 hours ago

Brigitte Gabriel

Lying under oath? Congress needs to investigate this story - we must get to the bottom of it. Click here to tell C… https://t.co/oRgGEVCg1H


1 week ago

Caleb Hull

I'm seeing a ton of people using this to dunk on Trump, but it's worth pointing out a key line in the article that… https://t.co/rJa3wWU3zf


1 week ago

Jonny Taylor

Storyville, Under the Wire: https://t.co/Hkq2EZfZMs via ⁦@BBCiPlayer⁩ if you’ve not seen this story of Paul Conroy… https://t.co/0XuNH7HkAK


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Denise Carruthers

RT @TheQuillDiaries: #QuillVerse 90 INVISIBLE AT DAWN WITHOUT THE GIFT OF SIGHT Click the post below. Please do not reply under pinned…


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Steve Irwin would have been 57 today. His #ThisIsSportsCenter commercial is simply one of the best. https://t.co/T59qHXuVz9


1 hour ago

John Krasinski

...time to go back. #PartII 5-15-20 https://t.co/rDMw4UUwDn


3 hours ago

Game Grumps

🌸 5 MILLION SUB THANK YOU GIVEAWAY! 🌸 1 randomly chosen recipient wins one of each Game Gyaru shirt in their size!… https://t.co/cbXKGN6enJ


1 hour ago

ᴄᴀʀᴏʟ || #BAPisFree ♡

RT @hyejoowife: boatos de loona no brasil e eu já tô contando as moedinhas, procurando coisa pra vender, implorando pros meus pais e tentan…


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моши моши туппио десу

RT @YiffyWolfy: Кому-нибудь нужен кот? Домашнего выкинули на улицу. #Москва https://t.co/dknFMMpPES


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