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Anup Kaphle

Nepal's government is aggressively pursuing journalists and it could get worse under a new legislation… https://t.co/xd6zW7bu4a


1 day ago

Anup Kaphle

Left: What the Nepali satellite looks like Right: What the Nepali satellite does not look like… https://t.co/4P9uxQXPsp


10 hours ago

The Kathmandu Post

Nepal’s first satellite, ‘NepaliSat-1’, has been launched into space, which will soon start rotating around the ear… https://t.co/umgGSD8nJj


12 hours ago

Boju Bajai

RT @AnupKaphle: Nepal government has failed to take steps to ensure full freedom of press, Reporters Without Borders says in its latest rep…


14 minutes ago


RT @AnupKaphle: Terrific. Can't wait to never have to live in Kathmandu. https://t.co/YHVDJuATwl


1 hour ago

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Donald J. Trump

Nolte: Poll Shows Media Failed to Gaslight Public About Trump Campaign Spying https://t.co/06OZcBE08b via @BreitbartNews


17 hours ago


Three new records - congratulations @BTS_twt 👉 https://t.co/Ll7a3ctFjH 👏 Most viewed @YouTube video in 24 hours 👏 M… https://t.co/A64o8u0WSq


5 hours ago

Seth Abramson

(MUELLER REPORT LIVE THREAD) This thread chronicles—in real time—the release of the Mueller Report, with news and a… https://t.co/Pv2ohfHvQH


21 hours ago


RT @TomFitton: No wonder Democrats and liberal advocacy media didn't want Barr to hold a press conference. Barr just destroyed their smear…


just now

CJ “Goomba” Bigley

RT @digitalfoundry: Good news! The Switch port of Cuphead is simply brilliant. @dark1x has the full lowdown: https://t.co/FBHv2GfNxi https:…


just now

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