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ying ✿

goodmorning edtwt i lost more weight :D recently even though i’m losing i look visually the exact same, hopefully it’s not muscle loss 😟


3 hours ago

Pikuzu 🐻 ピク | $5 JFF

@LambChopInPamps Aghhh that's awful!!!! I feel like I've read multiple things about this exact issue of doctors pus… https://t.co/ksmiTDDFzn


16 hours ago


when did y’all start to feel smaller/notice weight loss? i can tell i’ve lost a lot cause none of my clothes fit me… https://t.co/lIjCw6BEXh


17 hours ago

Prophet of Loss

@crumbcake_ @WSJ https://t.co/ObQ1h34GUV (The more advanced versions had a scale in the floor that would check to… https://t.co/cQFnr5q40m


1 day ago


Idk how I loss weight… the exact opposite of what I’m trying to do


1 day ago

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Dr. Amalina

Virginity test & hymen. Next up on my women’s health series. ❌Myth 1: The hymen starts off entirely closed, then… https://t.co/AYfACquie9


6 hours ago

Travis Tritt

How stupid is it to fire RNs and healthcare workers in the middle of a health crises? 🙄


14 hours ago

Jon Trickett MP

There are 22,143 fewer NHS Beds today than there were in 2010 - the equivalent of losing 8m NHS bed spaces a year… https://t.co/JLPsBjCSoj


1 day ago

Mohammad Abuhamra

RT @Rehan_Alfarra98: Ayman_al_Kurd, is a #Palestinian detainee was shot by the Israeli occupation forces with 12 bullets all over his body,…


just now

Christopher Miller

RT @BogochIsaac: Pfizer: 85% effective VS symptomatic #COVID19 infection & 95% effective VS severe illness (hospitalization/death). This…


just now