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ApartmentStore PRETT

RT @point_de_Japon: NEWS "point de Japonのある生活" https://t.co/qd3NKD5hGW @stores_jp


5 days ago

point de Japon🇯🇵

NEWS "point de Japonのある生活" https://t.co/qd3NKD5hGW @stores_jp


5 days ago

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Candace Owens

Facebook claims that the party they hosted at their offices, celebrating my suspension was, “an honest mistake”.… https://t.co/yN9EUcZSjx


18 hours ago

Brian Tyler Cohen

Jeff Daniels is so, so on point. Watch every second of this. @NicolleDWallace responds perfectly at the end: "Wow." https://t.co/T4u4w0UO8M


17 hours ago


【公式サイトで発表】NGT48、SNSへの不適切投稿で加藤- 美南を研究生降格処分 https://t.co/j56hC- L50UR 「皆様には大変不愉快な思いをさせてしまいまし- たことを深くお詫び申し上げます」と謝罪した。 https://t.co/RJe59sABI8


11 hours ago

Dawn Rose Turner

RT @NickMurray91: My latest on Nutrition North, where UofT researchers have determined 46% of Nunavut homes were food insecure in 2016. Mea…


just now

梁文发,NEO V.H.

RT @business: Latest: Former White House counsel Don McGahn defies congressional subpoena, declines to testify before House Judiciary Commi…


just now

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