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Lucy @SocialJusticeBabe

@journey987 @CliffBarton4 @abbiabbiabbi420 @BernieSanders The situation I speak of is real and happens daily to mil… https://t.co/itLYO2DUuI


46 minutes ago

Kyle Lorenz

To my followers that use excel daily. Microsoft just released xlookup. You’re welcome


3 hours ago


@Ali_WMK317 @delightedlyskit tbh even US ARMYs’ daily streams are pretty strong. Not the STRONGEST, but by no mean… https://t.co/RH3KgFtbMJ


3 hours ago

🅴 Panaché

@DadaConso Nilikuwa namjazia Rigga vitu vya kifanya site ya Tabata Bima leo ujue ninamaliza miezi sijaandika ni mwendo wa Excel daily 😂


4 hours ago

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Jesse Kelly

“There I was, knee deep in toner and excel spreadsheets. Major was breathing down my neck telling me I was only gon… https://t.co/51ZKkxPfEZ


20 hours ago

The Federalist

Stories of people like Dave Ayres, a 42-year-old Zamboni driver-turned-hockey legend, encourage us ordinary people… https://t.co/A0QqXUdhyF


1 day ago

Junts per Catalunya 🎗

🎥 @jlcleries: "Hem proposat estudiar davant la UE la creació d'un nucli europeu de recerca i excel·lència en matèri… https://t.co/bChthxj9KG


1 day ago


@noppon_152 キターーーーーーーーーーーー(°▽°)ーーーーーーーーーー- ーーー‼︎‼︎ https://t.co/czJNP5o- hr9


just now

Caribbean Convo

RT @HispanicCaucus: Students excel when they have teachers who understand their experiences and their culture. Latino teachers are changing…


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