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St Marys Yate

Apple class have been been writing ‘rapid reviews’ to share their book recommendations. #enjoy_stmarys #exceldaily… https://t.co/UNSrSA4QsH


6 days ago

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Harsh reality of android! Mid-range smartphones are more practical than flagship’s. Flagship excel in camera, sty… https://t.co/kN5pCd3HM3


8 hours ago

Askıda Ne Var

Gençler, -1.257 TL ile iş hayatına hazırlanamıyor diye, "Temel veya İleri Excel Eğitimi" askıda! Bu tweeti RT'leyen… https://t.co/nd4VHpdTHF


54 minutes ago

Sana Mir

Alhamdolillah ! Thanks to the Almighty for giving me strength to keep going. Thanks to my parents,family,friends… https://t.co/MwX8YAES0k


3 hours ago


RT @aizatnizam16: Excel tricks yang perlu fresh grad @ budak intern kuasai. Konfem nanti bos korang kagum punya lah! https://t.co/mp5dw2WU…


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Hawa Vivi

RT @christianbaurel: Un vrai informaticien sait que Excel possède une formule pour faire les additions, ainsi il n'aurait jamais fait un fi…


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