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Rep. James Comer

🚨🚨🚨 @POTUS told reporters it's "not true" that his family received over $1 million in payments from a Chinese ener… https://t.co/8zWvaBQGvf


1 day ago

Rep Andy Biggs

Joe Biden is denying that his family received at least $1 million from a Chinese energy company. Our investigatio… https://t.co/Qgrp2e1fup


22 hours ago


🇷🇺 Russia to use Chinese yuan instead of US dollars to settle trade with Asia, Africa, and Latin America. https://t.co/ptuDybKL56


1 day ago


そよさん最後の歌よかった〜🍒 そよさんの生き様そのままの- 歌詞がめっちゃいい〜🍒 前にすすめ!


just now

love my country, hate the government

@JustinTrudeau I think it's time for you to resign after this latest scandal in your liberal world! You made those… https://t.co/VLvPScmgDt


just now

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