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Chuck Schumer

The people of Hong Kong have a right to free expression. We stand with them. The Chinese Communist Party must be h… https://t.co/PP4UWtYx8t


16 hours ago

Charlie Kirk

Hey Hunter Biden Don Jr, who you mocked, did 30 hours of voluntary testimony about ONE meeting he took that result… https://t.co/yxNlkFgJka


1 day ago

Jemele Hill

It’s not LeBron’s job to be an expert on Chinese politics, or fix the NBA’s international standoff with a repressiv… https://t.co/UEiRYfB5Bk


1 day ago

spooky beaujes rights!

the songs may be simple, but again, THIS IS A KIDS SHOW. FOR KIDS. and fans of the books. writing and performing ro… https://t.co/pE4YDzkvib


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