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Charlie Kirk

BREAKING: Three Chinese nationals were apprehended trying to cross our Southern border illegally Each had flu-lik… https://t.co/ArENMkr7Lp


7 hours ago


SuperM’s first Chinese magazine cover for #BAZAAR_Star_E_Magazine - Coming Soon ➡ 2020.02.28. 12PM CST (China Standa… https://t.co/h5b8Lkgt0G


20 hours ago

Paul Joseph Watson

Russia, which closed its border with China in the early days of the outbreak, reported just two coronavirus cases (… https://t.co/PSUDR7WvUb


12 hours ago

Anthony Michael

@itsmedontUC @veesage22 @JackPosobiec Population of China is 1.38 billion so death rate is insignificant. Chinese g… https://t.co/gbaRbePFQN


just now

💜Chilena Traviesa 1985💜

RT @BTSegurity: Mañana nuestra prioridad es el MV, debemos romper el récord de 90M. Por favor no vean videos de traducciones o lyrics, sola…


just now

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