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#EXO's 2017 Winter Special Album Features Seven Tracks Including Lead Song '#Universe' Korean and Chinese Ver. https://t.co/UZ4o7yEqPN


1 day ago

Wil 'Kick the Nazis off the tweeters' Wheaton

I loved #TheLastJedi! It hit all the right notes for me, and seeing it in the Chinese Theater, surrounded by my fel… https://t.co/ezvXedKpmi


20 hours ago


Chinese woman shocked as iPhone X can be unlocked by her co-worker using Face ID... https://t.co/iT7gO99kuj https://t.co/lmcq4twARm


8 hours ago

Gustavo Romero

RT @rebel19: And his response to whitewashing accusations re his role in The Wall: “I didn't take a role away from a Chinese actor . . . it…


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