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Fight for the Future

Technology has been used to commit some of the worst atrocities in history. But what if the people who build this t… https://t.co/DMatQHtDkQ


16 hours ago

Fight for the Future

STATEMENT: @FCC “Fact Sheet” on draft broadband deployment report is light on facts, heavy on propaganda that favor… https://t.co/V161wp2Apw


1 day ago

Fight for the Future

With William Barr confirmed as Attorney General, we now have former Verizon lawyers running both the FCC and the DO… https://t.co/nzjdcis49h


1 week ago

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Charlie Kirk

They tried to destroy Trump - he fought back, and won They tried to destroy Kavanaugh - he fought back, and won T… https://t.co/qsVHMiBnUh


1 day ago

Barack Obama

It’s up to all of us as citizens to make sure that the rules of democracy are fair—everywhere—because the next deca… https://t.co/Tpv5NoYazl


19 hours ago

Chuck Schumer

One of the most egregious cases of GOP election fraud in recent memory was just verified in North Carolina. But… https://t.co/TQXB2c1q9u


12 hours ago

l u i ☀ | kl vrn ✨

@YANNIngAning lol it's funny to me. nakikita kong yayaman ako sa future all thanks to you.


just now

Mohamad Hafiz

"I guess I just feel like the joke's gettin' old And the future is fading and the past is on hold" -John Mayer-


just now

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