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Shireen Mazari

Strongly condemn this brutality against a Pakistani prisoner in an Indian prison. Modi's Hindutva creed showing its… https://t.co/K9K5UeDwFR


1 day ago

Ameer Abbas

Indian lawyer while arguing the #KulbhushanJadhavCase in ICJ included in his arguments an interview of Nawaz Sharif… https://t.co/5vwOxzNy5W


16 hours ago


Pakistan has already banned imports of tomato and potato from India for the last two years in fear of disease. https://t.co/f99OneP- 5mo


20 hours ago

محمد ثقلین

RT @asadrp: پی ٹی آئی کے پہلے چھ ماہ میں ملکی معیشت کی تباہ کن صورتحال۔ ترقیاتی بجٹ میں گزشتہ حکومت کے مقابلے میں چھ ماہ میں 192 ارب روپے ک…


1 minute ago


نواز شریف کو پھانسی دو اور مریم نواز قطری کو تحفے میں دو @OfficialDGISPR @MaryamNSharif @MaizaHameed @fawadchaudhry… https://t.co/qnGfgEnhBj


5 minutes ago

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David Schneider

Yes, I'm worried about antisemitism in Labour, but to have the woman who championed the hostile environment, caused… https://t.co/eHkQj4AmhW


1 day ago

Donald Trump Jr.

Wow. I always knew that social media was censoring me and other conservatives and my experiences this week only dro… https://t.co/i6suppiwj0


1 day ago

keith morgan

Jorja Smith - Carry Me Home ft Maverick Sabre in the 1Xtra Live Lounge https://t.co/vCAQb7nPQ2 via @YouTube


just now

Neil Hargreaves

RT @Breaking911: Great-grandma fires pistol at man who broke into her Georgia home: "Mother fu*ker, if you come in here, I’m going to blow…


just now

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