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Met Office

Morning. Any fog slowly clearing this morning, then largely dry with sunny spells. Very mild for many. Keep up to d… https://t.co/IAKRYekGF8


1 day ago

Met Office

There is some dense #fog across parts of southern England this morning and a yellow severe weather warning is in fo… https://t.co/IAwX9FHsFe


1 day ago

Met Office

A yellow severe weather warning for #fog has been issued: https://t.co/QwDLMfRBfs. Stay #weatheraware @metofficeuk https://t.co/qhqAcg3LIB


7 hours ago


@LadyAlice913 地域によってかなり違いはあるようですが、花粉飛んでますよ!- https://t.co/Lxt8i4HjNH


9 minutes ago

Fenilia envolopes

RT @StormHour: Lenticular clouds - These lens-shaped orographic wave clouds form when the air is stable and winds blow across hills and mou…


19 minutes ago

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Iain Gale

@TheSun Article on weather by Jon Rogers https://t.co/CLq1Mx5ryK. Why is there no mention of climate change? This w… https://t.co/6JEBJx26tN


12 hours ago

Prodata Weather

Climate change: World heading for warmest decade, says Met Office. https://t.co/kuixgUIuHV #weather #ClimateChange https://t.co/2KVjV94yQR


4 days ago


No wonder it's so hard to get monthly weather summaries from the Met Office in the deluge of climate change propaga… https://t.co/3N3VlV0O2e


6 days ago

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