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RT @Faquere1: Twork vs Chess has so much replay value. That battle is going to age well


13 hours ago

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Marco Rubio

Imagine if NFL team was trailing 24-22 but in final seconds hits a 3 pt kick to win. Then AFTER game lawyers for lo… https://t.co/4wV58OLrxo


1 day ago

Neon Future Aoki

San Francisco - wanna play a little game? If u head to @BobaGuys in the Mission today, u might find a snapchat filt… https://t.co/2l5pY9sCZE


5 hours ago

Ronald Klain

Imagine if an NFL team was winning 24-22, and said, let's end the game in the third quarter before all the points c… https://t.co/E1DeAtFLce


23 hours ago

Åłïñý Ģäŕčíă

RT @Susjasperr: Not a single person who tried to play me ended up in a better situation.


just now

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