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Claudia López

Para refrescar memoria de porqué Roy se opone a mandatos de transparencia de #ConsultaAnticorrupcion: ”Tenía Roy Ba… https://t.co/Qi8VONy3hC


5 days ago

1 minute ago

Ceneris Cano Abadía ( セネリ)

24 abril 2009 conoci el amor por ti mi cielo gracias ❤por este hermoso video para mi es como si fuera ayer😍camilo a… https://t.co/oUM13IDMNZ


1 hour ago


Para mi @JuandasMusic https://t.co/N1OHRMNm2Y


1 hour ago

Latest tweets mentioning “Google”


Calling all serious collectors...😍 Find #BT21 #figure #keyring at #LINEFRIENDS L7 Hongdae #28April ✔️Address : L7… https://t.co/kLKNqUSvJB


19 hours ago

La Bronze James

this guy invented a way to google things with his mind and all I’ve done today is picked my wedgie smh https://t.co/gNBwcULRbH


1 day ago

Fox News

OPINION: Facebook, Google and Twitter are at war with conservatives online -- it's time to fight back https://t.co/gyrxfknhzq


1 day ago

Brice Narjoux

RT @CyrusShepard: New Data: In a Mobile-First World, 60% of mobile search results on Google now get zero (0!) clicks https://t.co/k41amw2Xn…


just now

Sunni Rae 🖖💛,🌂☂️☔🔥

I really hate that I'm benifeting from FOSTA just because I'm easy to google. If you're considering hiring me, plea… https://t.co/9Gh40UMbF6


just now

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