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ABC13 Houston

57,327 people have voted so far today in Harris Co, so far. That's more votes than were cast on the first day of… https://t.co/X78pUl0HBz


1 day ago

Tony Shaffer

This is a threat - it matters not if they are armed or not - this is a planned movement and this is not spontaneous… https://t.co/3cxHkO3NNa


23 hours ago

Russell Gruenwald

RT @MercuryinRx: Does anyone read the Bible? Right hand or forehead ... Mark the beast Thousands of Swedes are getting microchip IDs inse…


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Ryan @ Social Media

RT @jewellery_bank: #Free Personalised Item Just pay p&p We will engrave a picture of a loved one or treasured pet https://t.co/SqNtuoce4s…


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Starbucks Coffee

We're proud to introduce our first U.S. Signing Store. Now open in Washington, D.C. 💚 #StarbucksSigns https://t.co/ZLGeKVGFJ7


7 hours ago

Marlee Matlin

It’s official! #StarbucksSigns. Today @Starbucks opens its first signing/ASL store in Washington DC! https://t.co/Q0GRAO28Go


13 hours ago

Stephan Hallmann

Like a mafia boss, Erdogan plans to milk the Khashoggi investigation for all it’s worth https://t.co/7CCerKEFNh


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RT @IonicH3art6237: BO4 Hype! https://t.co/A8eYPCK8gn https://t.co/88Hdd3uWS9 #twitchstream #livestream #youtube #gaming #CallofDuty #BO4 #…


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