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Julian March

Really enjoyed today’s #lego #seriousplay #workshop run by @thebeardedone - a whole new way of expressing and shari… https://t.co/qSjgdG7jC7


2 days ago

Tom White 🍉

“Build or Buy” is the wrong question: What would FAANG* do? https://t.co/RAHuROOrpL


2 days ago

steve moffitt

RT @leannenangle: Yesterday #theBIOagency was home to #Flipside2019 assessment day. Delighted to be working in partnership with @madebymany…


3 days ago

Made by Many

📢 Our latest article by @CharlesRowat - Should you shape your company to a piece of software, or shape the software… https://t.co/ycZt4hNNk4


3 days ago

Create Jobs

RT @leannenangle: Yesterday #theBIOagency was home to #Flipside2019 assessment day. Delighted to be working in partnership with @madebymany…


4 days ago

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Saurav Jha

This little reported incident from Nadia district of West Bengal is troubling. Army Veteran's home vandalised afte… https://t.co/6BvZpYDxww


9 hours ago

Noura Erakat

Wowzers! @johnlegend who has been consistent & solid against mass incarceration & violence against women has just b… https://t.co/mXA7rvr47B


1 day ago

Andy Ngo

In Sep. 2018 a black woman in Long Island said Trump supporters confronted her & told her “she didn’t belong here.”… https://t.co/GO9m0evWTY


3 hours ago

Carats Spain

[FOTOS] 190217 #SEVENTEEN llegando al aeropuerto internacional de Incheon #세븐틴 #SEVENTEEN_Home #YMMD… https://t.co/pro4whMWnT


just now

Izuchiukwu O

RT @Omambala_Chuks: #RT @Amaka_Ekwo: RT @nlitvin: The gigantic Cry Baby that Nigeria is, had a stomach ache today and made everyone stay ho…


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