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christine teigen

Personal opinion everyone shares: ed sheeran is a good dude


20 hours ago

Just Jared Jr.

Congratulations @BTS_twt this is HUGE! Good luck, guys. https://t.co/rV3tmEdBTi


22 hours ago

Malcolm Nance

Good lord. Trumps do Literal Pay-to-Play. This is grounds for immediate dismissal fm government. https://t.co/qKx3mR4L1g


1 day ago

M Imam Aulia Akbar

Didn't get that job? This is why it's probably a good thing https://t.co/yg8NmLJFQc #leadership https://t.co/t5XK96B2jL


17 seconds ago

F .

RT @Tunnyking: Mum: Son why is your grades so bad?? Me: Bad things happen to good people mum Me: https://t.co/XyD2V0RfJ8


17 seconds ago

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Lin-Manuel Miranda

"No GOOD lawyer." 👀 https://t.co/u1I6Y8xqkf


12 hours ago

Dance Magazine

2 years after almost quitting dance for good, @DavidHallberg is back—and stronger than ever. https://t.co/QB2LauqHKJ https://t.co/PsntT22if9


6 hours ago

Barton Gellman

Some things you might want to know about Bob Mueller. This is very good news if you want to find the truth. https://t.co/uBtGluiPPo


4 days ago


RT @honolulumag: Think you’re good at playing darts? Try your hand at these tournaments: https://t.co/YSy8bC4Fb9 https://t.co/nFZPD4vPn4


6 minutes ago

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