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How good is 🌸? Really good. Marc-Andre Fleury's 408th win puts him in 10th on the NHL's all-time list. Insights vi… https://t.co/oAzhI7DpAp


4 hours ago

Larry McReynolds

How good is NXS races with NO CUP DRIVERS! Thank you #NASCAR for limiting them on races in this awesome series! Congrats @JHNemechek #FB


1 day ago

Emily Nash

Australian PM @ScottMorrisonMP hails the founder of @InvictusSydney: “How good is Prince Harry?” he asks the crowd,… https://t.co/vukHxcDJ3n


1 day ago


RT @FelixJaehn: 'FEEL GOOD' is now my fifth song with + 100.000.000 streams! WOW! @mikewilliamsdj @Spotify https://t.co/WJforGUOuv


just now

Maria Dyson

RT @Ken19512: If our military Can't Stop 4000 + immigrants from crossing our border what good is it to have the most powerful military in t…


1 second ago

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Ted Lieu

Dear @SaudiEmbassyUSA: While Kushner & @realDonaldTrump may be in your pocket, the American people & Congress are n… https://t.co/YFZRyBTtu0


1 day ago


we may not talk anymore but i will always support good people that have helped carry my heart at one point in time


1 day ago

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