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Wyatt Ghouleff

Everyone is so excited for a certain something coming on October 27th... and I am dying to have it. Good guess, but… https://t.co/0X6hH3Yrze


14 hours ago


"God is good" First of all God is GREAT.


1 day ago

Joy Reid

Shows the level of alarm about Trump that people so easily lept to “Kelly is the good guy.” He led on Muslim ban an… https://t.co/ThpqtecByA


13 hours ago

Mickell Simas

RT @_haleyjohnson: Pray for your man, love on your man, always make sure your man is good


just now

Jihyo #Likey

@yeji_hwang yass!!! and there is chan who always looks good in every moment


just now

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Parker Molloy

I still think a President Pence would be just as dangerous (if not worse) than President Trump. This is a good read: https://t.co/dTdX6lp2Wb


1 day ago

Julian Borger

Good read on Tillerson and the unraveling of the State Dept with some more detail on Kushner's role in Qatar crisis. https://t.co/a6b1Nayh- TT


1 hour ago

Josie Skellington💀

The CryBaby Adventures "Better than Black Mirror and Stranger Things together" - Times Magazine "P good" - Josie https://t.co/hI2xAVqSVZ


just now

Tina J. Schmidt⚫

@TerriIrwin @LukeReavley Good luck with your magazine, I hope y’all win


1 minute ago

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