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Viva Frei

I have always felt, though don’t want to believe, that evil is more evil than good is good. The evil that was carr… https://t.co/6xH7lWUFCR


20 minutes ago

Red Bull KTM Factory Racing

How good is this pairing?! 🤌 Lookin' good, boys. Lookin' good. #KTM #ReadyToRace #PortugueseGP https://t.co/9gWk1yNSfv


1 day ago


🎙️| Arnau Tenas: “Whoever thinks Messi’s comeback is not good is not Cule. He is the best in the world.” [@totcosta… https://t.co/FiR3sFilu6


1 day ago

Chris Faulkner

@KLKissell @jason_howerton The meme is still off. Good is never truly alone. If that's @jason_howerton he has a sle… https://t.co/HCHIs6JGwW


just now

wicked b(w)itch

RT @abeecdefme: smelling good is such a green flag make me just wanna MHMHMHMMMMMMM


just now

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Elon Musk

The good old days https://t.co/BohnyiRj32


21 hours ago

Benny Johnson

🚨 Fox News cuts to Joe Biden because they were told he would address the school shooting that just happened off the… https://t.co/LanVwfjJsB


20 hours ago

Amiri King

Two weeks ago Jane Fonda stated on The View that murdering pro life Christians was a good alternative to marching a… https://t.co/VgT9yZnUbI


14 hours ago


RT @EvanBebop: Cuando eres del Team Luzu y de repente- "I've been so good, I've been helpful and friendly I've been so good, why am I feel…


just now


RT @MavenOfMayhem: Blue went to the pet store to get a treat after seeing the doctor because he was very good even though he was afraid. He…


just now

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