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Rogério Sampaio

@titifenycia Kk não sei fazer conta? Nunca fui a favor do tabelamento. Mas os custos superaram os ganhos. O valor… https://t.co/Y9GoVxxlwl


11 hours ago

Lava Jato News 🇧🇷

RT @mila_milaella57: @samuelpeixoto @neusamandrade Será que eles querem caminhões novos? Os que eles têm Dilma ajudou através do BNDES fina…


22 hours ago


@samuelpeixoto @neusamandrade Será que eles querem caminhões novos? Os que eles têm Dilma ajudou através do BNDES f… https://t.co/yJ08FrLvSY


22 hours ago

Edu #FLA

@Calosalvador @Jader76Rocha Vin Diesel com sono


1 day ago


@anandmahindra mahindra electric vehicle in tiger reserve. Great move...jungles will be free of… https://t.co/NOUBSLH797


1 day ago

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michael clifford

someone will be like ‘cool shoes!’ I’m like ‘hey thanks so much’ they’re like ‘you’re welcome’ and I’m like ‘yeah I… https://t.co/ueKM78RrFf


20 hours ago

Preet Bharara

Has a journalist asked the President directly - "Do you believe you have the authority to stop separating children… https://t.co/h2BxWlBs8T


1 day ago

David Axelrod

Let’s be absolutely clear: @POTUS could end this hideous practice right now on his own authority. He chooses not… https://t.co/PJO4fLSC07


1 day ago

Edgar Berengena

RT @GizmodoES: El día que Lego abortó su juego online más ambicioso porque era incapaz de detener la avalancha de penes https://t.co/yotsaU…


just now

(Fake) Pastor Dino Den Esau (Twitwaffle)

Has @AndrewScheer condemned Trump's taking of children from their parents and housing them in concentration camps,… https://t.co/WzWfrZpCc3


just now

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