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The Chronicle of Higher Education

"I see kids doing a lot of content coverage – memorizing a lot of things, cramming for the exam, and to a very larg… https://t.co/BHTfyiWAwH


13 hours ago

Sarah Brown

Michigan State's president said he's been forced to keep quiet at times in recent months because of the pending lit… https://t.co/kA6EKKHNrY


1 day ago

The Chronicle of Higher Education

Parents of international students see stories of America's insular mood, hostile to outsiders. And they wonder, how… https://t.co/x2rCC2d5Ry


1 day ago

Stephen McNally

RT @crisibee: Time to rethink SFTs? https://t.co/J62eVIpE4u


just now

JUST Yorkshire

RT @_WaqasTufail: Textbook Racism: How Scholars Sustained White Supremacy https://t.co/CI9fB0wdmG


20 seconds ago

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In a new poll, community colleges draw clear and consistent support across partisan lines. Nearly 81% say community… https://t.co/gf3hyZh9eO


1 day ago

Eric C

@ProfeBarcelona @LauraLoomer You’re a good example of quality of the teaching “profession.” Did you know that educa… https://t.co/vrxEyOHzLa


22 minutes ago

Manzar Mashhood

#acadv RT KYTrueBlue: #CommunityColleges are integral to training the future workforce. It is about time higher e… https://t.co/89Cq1CDmlf


1 hour ago


RT @EntangledSOL: Why #highered must organize around new educational pathways — beyond majors as we have known them — to match the complexi…


2 hours ago

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