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The Chronicle of Higher Education

Without diverse campus leaders, this president says, higher ed won’t have the kind of intellectually rich environme… https://t.co/MajOWpsK95


12 hours ago

The Chronicle of Higher Education

When Ajay Nair became Arcadia University’s president last year, he was the only person of color in the executive ca… https://t.co/N5b7dpEVGP


1 day ago

Haymarket Books

“To be a communist professor today means to try to find and forward revolutionary optimism in a setting of climate… https://t.co/yrVSqBlx0i


1 day ago

Kate Szumanski

RT @chronicle: A hospitalized student said she was told she’d be required to take involuntary leave. When “she began crying at this news,”…


17 seconds ago

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DX Latest

RT @digital_trans4m: Preparing Today's Students for an AI Future - The Chronicle of Higher Education #AI #DigitalTransformation CC:@Paula_…


12 minutes ago

Allen Mendenhall

A Tale of Two Plagiarists - The Chronicle of Higher Education https://t.co/28dHmrybfI


33 minutes ago


Iranian student’s visa voided en route to US. But why? asks Karin Fischer for The Chronicle of Higher Education.… https://t.co/L4eX5wrGKc


42 minutes ago

Sarah T. Roberts

‘This Is Where We Are, America’: After a Latina Author Talks About Race at Georgia Southern U., Students Burn Her B… https://t.co/5ZewHv2dg0


51 minutes ago

Andrew O'Neil

This is a good read: “Back to the Faculty: Not as Easy as It Sounds” - The Chronicle of Higher Education https://t.co/J4GiOS4F4N


2 hours ago

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