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The Chronicle of Higher Education

Left unchecked, the everyday racism of academic life will drain your confidence. Here’s how to protect yourself. https://t.co/kB8sDRUbZ8


1 day ago

Mellon Foundation

"Don’t just look at who’s in the room and at the table, but ask who’s not in the room, not at the table."—… https://t.co/cniJOXyrPZ


15 hours ago

Emily Stanley

RT @gp_wisconsin: Harvard's president: the order on international students "came down without notice — its cruelty surpassed only by its r…


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Robert Kelchen

I turned my Twitter thread on why July will be one of the worst months in the history of American higher education… https://t.co/kc9ZezMors


1 day ago

Eric Kelderman

Millions in Paycheck-Protection Dollars Went to Colleges on the Brink of Closing - The Chronicle of Higher Education https://t.co/yMplkeoOgQ


3 hours ago

Carl T. Bergstrom

Ted Bergstrom and I stressed this in a recent @Chronicle of Higher Education piece. Note also that the number of te… https://t.co/PSh9vmUyy9


6 days ago

Father O'Blivion

The Campus Confederate Legacy We’re Not Talking About - The Chronicle of Higher Education https://t.co/kHE8Bj0aR4


38 minutes ago

girish deshmukh

@urstrulyjatin Typical of the mindset that rejects the selection of students in the order of objective performances… https://t.co/mPlrVZTo4E


57 minutes ago

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