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Watch Channing Tatum slay your entire life with seven dance moves in 30 seconds http://t.co/WrHXzdBrXu http://t.co/E5vEGJexmg


1 day ago

Deadline Hollywood

‘Terminator: Genisys’ Taps $74M; ‘Minions’ Makes $54.3M; ‘Jurassic’ Moves Up On WW Chart – Intl Box Office http://t.co/0g1uAifvYR


6 hours ago

Isaiah Davis

#MyGirlNotAllowed to see magic mike cause I can't do none of them moves😂😂


7 minutes ago

Sydne Foster

My man need to learn these magic mike xxl moves 💦☺️😜 #NisF


10 minutes ago

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