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João Paulo Charleaux

"Há muita atenção posta no fundamentalismo islâmico e em suas consequências adversas para a sociedade, mas a influê… https://t.co/ixWVQwKj09


6 days ago

T O N I O ™

RT @CNN: Louisville, Kentucky is renaming its airport after hometown great Muhammad Ali https://t.co/0VYZ6c7F6K https://t.co/WtRqHZ4dmo


1 hour ago

T O N I O ™

So grown men are still airbrushing pictures in 2019?... okay... 👌🏽


1 hour ago

Uwe Rühl

Maybe, you know that: once the audit is over you have so many plans how to improve your #managementsystem And uups… https://t.co/JfOXAIhqkg


1 hour ago

keen eye

monika rühl von @economiesuisse heute in der @Weltwoche. ein fahrtenschreiber muss symbolisch für die notwendigkeit… https://t.co/LvQAaHFSoV


2 hours ago

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