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明治 しまるボトルシリーズ

\RTするだけ❗毎日チャレンジ🎉/ 乃木坂46セールスリー- ダーRTキャンペーン✨フォロー&RTでここでしか手- に入らないクリアファイルを当てよう🎀チャレンジは1日1回ま- で🎶 ▼詳細はこちら… https://t.co/M3U8P4Z8ey


20 hours ago

Kyle Griffin

A group of 59 progressive Christian ministers, more than half from mainline Protestant denominations, have signed a… https://t.co/yirjupD9tQ


1 day ago


a tape of trump on howard about how emotionally disturbed women are the best in bed in a sea of sickness that is h… https://t.co/YYEBfpSdp9


1 day ago

Lori Chasity

RT @jaketapper: .@MooreSenate supporter Pastor Franklin Raddish of the Capitol Hill Independent Baptist Ministries says, “More women are se…


5 seconds ago


These outfits are so cute and amazing! Loves the background too! 【Invite ID】007195785526 URL:… https://t.co/jNRDRQgFdn


5 seconds ago

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