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Stephen Colbert

Warm thanks to our Navy for this heartfelt salute to the President! https://t.co/ZjsmssRfCi


1 day ago

Boing Boing

Russia was behind at least 150,000 Twitter accounts that tweeted disinfo around #Brexit https://t.co/fXSc5UwzVI https://t.co/yIuJkzK161


20 hours ago

Boing Boing

Trump wants to kill the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which polices bank scams, crimes, and frauds. https://t.co/0FTBH9Q7WU


15 hours ago


This morning I listened to the debate between James Baldwin and William F Buckley Jr: Is The American Dream at the… https://t.co/8psTcbiqCm


38 seconds ago

Boing Boing

Our @jlw is obsessed with baking excellent bagels at home. It's simple, and he shares his recipe here.… https://t.co/HvVC8bnd3H


2 minutes ago

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Jeff Benjamin

One last treat before the #AMAs tonight...get ready with a special @AMAs Roundtable episode dedicated to @BTS_twt f… https://t.co/NyqutZ1ymf


3 hours ago

Ted Lieu

You can hope our military disobeys a nuclear launch order from @realDonaldTrump if it's illegal. Or you can make su… https://t.co/4cQRHqevnH


5 hours ago

✈ Ⓙ.Ⓟ.Ⓡ.Ⓕ. ☪

RT @DanielBlancoPz: Video de un gobernador chavista usando un vehículo no oficial con una jaula improvisada, para realizar detenciones arbi…


3 seconds ago


RT @lukewaltham: The #AMAS is a historic moment for @BTS_twt , for K-Pop and the music industry worldwide. The loving, hopeful, incredible…


3 seconds ago

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