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Cory Doctorow

Sears Canada execs paid hundreds of millions in dividends before declaring bankruptcy and leaving 16,000 workers' p… https://t.co/wWEe5hv4e6


23 hours ago

Boing Boing

On “Kirk drift,” the strange mass cultural misremembering of Captain Kirk. https://t.co/e6xdx43Z1f https://t.co/CrmsBP1w41


1 day ago

Cory Doctorow

Social scientists have warned Zuck all along that the Facebook theory of interaction would make people angry and mi… https://t.co/iPagZxBPdw


22 hours ago


Watch this very funny parody of a TED Talk, any #TED talk via @BoingBoing https://t.co/3NCaleET4D https://t.co/LPVi3ifG4X


26 seconds ago

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James Woods

Even I was fooled into thinking the President would cave to these bums. @POTUS played Schumer like a Stradivarius.… https://t.co/sX66tiSdfw


7 hours ago

Donald J. Trump

In one of the biggest stories in a long time, the FBI now says it is missing five months worth of lovers Strzok-Pag… https://t.co/Zwg2yDeEwz


2 hours ago

Min. Nathi Mthethwa

A baobab tree has fallen, the nation has lost a one of a kind musician with the passing of Jazz legend bra Hugh Mas… https://t.co/2cv88fuEM8


6 hours ago

♕ ᴇsᴄᴀᴍɪʟʟᴀ ♕

RT @iDarkHeartBby: Así nos digan ridículos, la parte más bonita de la noche viene cuando nos ponemos a decir lo mucho que nos queremos y en…


just now


RT @Lu_Daitch: Wacho si tenes a alguien que te adora y no sabes valorar despues no andes llorando por ahi


just now

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