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Army lied about brother of Michael Flynn’s role in National Guard’s weak response to Capitol attack https://t.co/PZKVPTMGEP


1 day ago

Xeni Jardin

Cost of cleaning up White House after Trump departure: $127,000. Having him out of there? Priceless https://t.co/odrgJ4Jh6x


16 hours ago

Boing Boing

Andrew Johnson will not attend the inauguration of Ulysses S. Grant https://t.co/BCN4KLUC6a


1 day ago

Boing Boing

Look at the difference between Sean Spicer and Jen Psaki https://t.co/QieoeFyjCX https://t.co/GFT2cOyl2G


just now


RT @TheWorstTom: The winning just never ends. https://t.co/aTHiTieMe3


2 seconds ago

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SORTEO 36.000 FIFA POINS (3 ganadores) para celebrar la salida de los TOTY. -RT a este tuit -Sígueme 🔥🥵SUERTE PAPUS🥵🔥


3 hours ago

Don Winslow

Definition of white privilege: The white girl who attacked the Capitol and stole a laptop gets to go home with her mommy.


2 hours ago

Amber Akemi Piatt

RT @tranchauha: Thank you to @AAWW for giving this piece a home. As I say in this essay, I believe abolition is not a thought exercise. Pl…


just now

Lara Cohen 💅🏼

@RashiKesarwani @GavinNewsom i hate to support anything that restricts collective bargaining, but this is a crisis… https://t.co/hnylvUKxPb


just now


RT @kimlowda: Pour celle du 93, il y a à Sevran la docteure Ait Kaci Najette... Elle est super douce et professionnelle. Puisqu’on ne peut…


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