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Dorothy Knable

[Thank you https://t.co/JmTFTXBsU5] https://t.co/Up9SVzaMLJ


5 days ago

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Soulja Boy (Young Drako) 💲🔌🔫

You’re a thief https://t.co/PyVaP69Jzu


6 hours ago

Conor McGregor

For a fight like that Donald, I’ll fight you. Congratulations.


3 hours ago

Niall Horan

So excited about this ! I’m singing on @juliamichaels album and I’m over the moon . Julia is one of my very very go… https://t.co/B5RZWjaIoX


8 hours ago

trump's BOSS 2020 Be Blue🌊 🌊

RT @JoyceWhiteVance: This is a discouraging sign of where we are as a country. The school & community can & should turn it into a teachable…


just now

Rizzo #resistance # FBR #blue wave 2018

RT @OMGno2trump: Let's use common sense: - offering something temporary for something permanent isn't a proposal, it's con - offering to gi…


just now

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