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Coiso do costume

Amigos, para o jantar: acompanho Roc Marciano com quê?


3 days ago

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10 Male Idols Who Looked Better In This Women’s Top Than Anyone Expected https://t.co/KOEiIq- 0sAz


12 hours ago


SHORT & SWEET, Shop the new Women's #BALMAINPF18 Mini Dresses: https://t.co/ngs2CmTr9g https://t.co/LbDkG0yzO1


12 hours ago

Amanda Jette Knox

Hi Trina, Correct. A man wearing a dress is still a man; he’s just expressing his gender in another way. A man pr… https://t.co/gVhb3yNUWs


1 hour ago

i am very tired @ S7 SPOILERS

RT @jasperrolls: when i see a response to criticism of female characters wearing unnecessarily skimpy clothing thats like "what's wrong wit…


13 seconds ago

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