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FC Barcelona

There's #ChelseaBarça this Tuesday, but how have previous encounters with English teams gone for the Blaugrana? 🔵🔴… https://t.co/k9RtEz7rZy


18 hours ago

Akash Banerjee

I'm so confused😨 In the first few days I was told that #NiravModi had been stupid enough to leave behind 5,100 cror… https://t.co/c8O5LHXVi0


21 hours ago


"Not once" has Trump gone after Russia for election meddling, Fox News host Shepard Smith says… https://t.co/Pu9jky2riF


6 hours ago

Glenn Jacob

'We lost the storytellers': Accord-era politics is gone, but not forgotten https://t.co/rqRHolW8bI via @ABCNews oh… https://t.co/gQQIfDeZhN


just now

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Daniel Howell

watching the students in florida standing up and fighting for change despite what they've been through and all the… https://t.co/vQa1UMIdNz


7 hours ago

ABC News Politics

ONE LESS: Scott Pappalardo owned his AR-15 rifle for more than 30 years. He even has a Second Amendment tattoo on h… https://t.co/boeBgtXNE0


7 hours ago

Joy Reid

Florida's Republican-controlled legislature is "considering" -- CONSIDERING -- raising the legal age to purchase an… https://t.co/Zu2vJldmzM


9 hours ago

Cora Mo

RT @BBCNewsAsia: Ex-Cyclone Gita: Christchurch declares state of emergency https://t.co/U8bookt25a


just now


RT @FortniteFunny: I would’ve broken my controller https://t.co/QCysySVkjO


just now

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