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i love how they are all surrounded by mydays it looks pretty as heck


18 hours ago

joelle🍑🦊🐻#TimeOfOurLife #Day6

please don't lose heart mydays!!! It fought well 💞 and we need to bring it back. continue streaming 🙏🙏 #MGMAVOTE… https://t.co/7ZDFG0vqly


2 days ago

get to the polls vote day6 2019

cancers are annoying no wonder.. i’m sorry mydays it’s not your fault you are horrible people.. you can’t fix your birth


2 days ago

faye 🎢

i have a fair amount of Day6 content on my timeline because the Melodies I follow are mostly also MyDays.... It's n… https://t.co/zjLCr8PNGr


2 days ago

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Alternative für 🇩🇪 Deutschland

++ So plündern die Roten den Steuerzahler aus: 191.000 € für Arbeitsessen, Fußballkarten & Geschenke ++ In Thüringe… https://t.co/fDYo6iNcwA


19 hours ago


Geschenke! 🔥🙉 ich verlose 3x ein Astro A10 (PC, PS4, Xbox). Dazu müsst ihr nur kommentieren, @ASTROGamingDE folgen… https://t.co/z6fwODh0oi


4 days ago

Rozy Joe

RT @ellahbanna: When we were monitoring after the 1st take MyDays collectively screeched everytime Dowoon anD HIS CHEst appeared on screen…


just now

ana ☆彡

RT @aegyochangjae: mydays...... just imagine them carrying their first ever music show trophy in their next group photo 😭😭😭😭😭 worth it, ri…


5 seconds ago

key🌼 | 📌 PO ALBUM EXO-SC

RT @samgyeopshal: GIVEAWAY: DAY6 ㅡ The Book Of Us: Gravity Album (Soul Version, Sealed) for INA MYDAYS only (sorry international fans) Rul…


31 seconds ago

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