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David Coltart

I have just ended a delightful three days with Bobi Wine in Bulawayo. His team asked me to assist him and his team… https://t.co/34p5FVbleT


3 hours ago

Simon Allison

Review: Bobi Wine, live in concert. This is the concert that Uganda's president does not want his people to see. Wi… https://t.co/qjqaQLykeN


10 hours ago

Jeffrey Smith

#Uganda “We have to work together to take down that old dictator.” -@HEBobiwine https://t.co/ptxvT7q1bQ @simonallison


3 hours ago

J😄y Nkosi sikelel' iAfrika ❤ Put SA 1st

RT @Eusebius: ICYMI: "If our economy tanks entirely, courtesy of Eishkom, then the effect will not just be heart-breaking in terms of dail…


just now

#Godisinit-I believe🇿🇼🇿🇼

RT @DavidColtart: I have just ended a delightful three days with Bobi Wine in Bulawayo. His team asked me to assist him and his team with t…


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The Labour Party

This is why Daily Mail reporter Peter Oborne can’t vote for Boris Johnson 👇 #GeneralElection2019 #Vote- LabourToday https://t.co/Arm- otjm5AP


8 hours ago


Besok pemilu di UK. Seperti biasa, semua koran besar di sana udah menentukan dukungan mereka di bagian editorial. G… https://t.co/lkbTSmTlqb


1 day ago

Mark Curtis

Wonderful watching UK media kill itself during election campaign. No sensible person can now believe UK has newspap… https://t.co/UleCE2miFI


4 days ago


RT @QueVuelvaLaCCCP: La división anticomunista británica del IRD daba información manipulada a más de 100 periodistas de Financial Times, T…


just now

David Royle

@neilrobbnet @GretaThunberg @guardian @BBCNews In particular @libdems. Without exaggeration I have lost count of h… https://t.co/lCNW18CTg9


3 minutes ago

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