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Do you have an ancestor who participated in the War of 1812? These records of files are filled with important detai… https://t.co/CjWTZkbnMq


1 week ago

William Seward

@FamilySearch https://t.co/lPN6s415Ia seems to have gone down. First page opens, but when I click Sign In it freeze… https://t.co/X3ke01ldgj


9 hours ago

Hazel Scullin

RT @hayzul_nut: @sam_lastnamee https://t.co/SfJdHjMoP5 hopefully this article has some ideas that you haven’t tried yet 😊 I don’t have lds…


14 hours ago

hazel basil 🌿

@sam_lastnamee https://t.co/SfJdHjMoP5 hopefully this article has some ideas that you haven’t tried yet 😊 I don’t h… https://t.co/9DgXwTvItu


14 hours ago


When Did New York Immigration Start at Ellis Island?: Ellis Island is famous for being the United States’ front doo… https://t.co/nXHPxTqBsN


14 hours ago

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Dan Rather

To GOP officials who are speaking out about today's "Farce in Finland" - unless you start putting your votes and su… https://t.co/QdhV1ZupVV


1 day ago

James Comey

This Republican Congress has proven incapable of fulfilling the Founders’ design that “Ambition must ... counteract… https://t.co/bq1Dp5DQtb


7 hours ago

Michael Avenatti

To everyone who can, please be there tomorrow night in front of the White House at 7pm. Today’s events mark a criti… https://t.co/wKph3wTpBt


1 day ago

Temitope Agboola™

Family meeting ya https://t.co/ZUboMX7nKx


just now

Max vc: [gay silence]

RT @Kukumomoart: Family #DetroitBecomeHuman https://t.co/sPUzxi98b1


just now

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