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Joanna Cherry QC MP

”courtesy of 6 Scots parliamentarians who’ve demonstrated the capacity to crowd-fund, think ahead, act together & i… https://t.co/XSBbzFrJVw


1 day ago

The Scotsman

The Home Office secretly channelled £30,000 in grant money to a controversial organisation campaigning to legalise… https://t.co/9xEuwGA5Z1


12 hours ago

The Scotsman

Scotland has ‘cast-iron mandate’ to hold second independence vote, says Mike Russell https://t.co/sroNsNdU- RL


19 hours ago

Eunice Somers

RT @MyArrse: So The SNP have been doing a bit of Privatising just like The Tories. https://t.co/mS45WvZQ- CD


just now

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The Scotsman

“Loch Ness has more water than all of England and Wales combined. And that’s just one loch – Scotland has more than… https://t.co/eeA03t7FnZ


6 days ago

Citizens for Ethics

Planning officials have recommended that Trump Organisation’s contentious plans to expand its inaugural Scottish go… https://t.co/frKl2AA8r5


5 days ago

Edinburgh News

These 18 Scottish words have just been added to the 2019 Oxford Dictionary https://t.co/czVLI- 3j9dG


5 days ago

Gail Salha

RT @mymtbrain: These 18 Scottish words have just been added to the 2019 Oxford Dictionary ((More #Outlander effect?)) https://t.co/XjLwP- m…


1 minute ago

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