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Sierra Club

NASA can see dark, polluted Carolina rivers spilling into the ocean from space https://t.co/KNi6Q1hC6u (via… https://t.co/9DHPu79Vev


11 hours ago


Uh oh. Polluted floodwaters from #HurricaneFlorence are now spilling into the ocean https://t.co/M8POzai6RV


19 hours ago

Robert F. Kennedy Jr

A @NASA satellite is tracking flooding in the Carolinas following #HurricaneFlorence, and its images show dark, pol… https://t.co/gHvQrW0rHr


23 hours ago

Brian Murphy

Re: Last tweet. I wrote about this last week. 3 GOP-held seats in NC seem truly up for grabs this cycle: #NC02,… https://t.co/8LHi8UrfU5


1 minute ago

Bill McCarthy

RT @rashaan_ayesh: NC politicians were quick to get on social media and say a few things about Hurricane Florence. How accurate were they?…


1 minute ago

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Dave Vescio

BREAKING NEWS: New York becomes the first state to launch mandatory mental health classes in ALL New York schools f… https://t.co/lF4heGPIKG


1 day ago

Adam Schiff

There’s an old saying in Washington: Show me your budget, and you show me what you value. Well the Trump Administ… https://t.co/qGWZkUnXzm


23 hours ago

United Nations

At #Youth2030 launch w/ @UNYouthEnvoy, @UNICEF supporters @BTS_twt called on all young people to speak up for their… https://t.co/g2xEIka6V6


1 day ago

Nevis Tourism

Adorable....https://t.co/EN2o- VOs8mF https://t.co/EN2oVOs8mF


just now


'بڑے بڑے مگرمچھوں کے خلاف کارروائی ہوگی، جو شہری فراڈ سے متاثر ہوئے ہیں انہیں قانونی مدد فراہم کریں گے'… https://t.co/WFKX5kS9hF


just now

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